Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday - "At the feet of Jesus"

Today we venerate the cross of Christ.  Catholics the world over come to the foot of His cross – a sign of shame made over into a throne of triumph – to lay their sorrows, their sins, their betrayals, their denials, their devotions and their love – at the feet of Jesus.

Here is the one place where we disciples of the One Lord - gather as brothers and sisters – before our Lord crucified – in awe and wonder at the great mystery
  • How by his death – Christ gathers up the burden of all our sins
  • How by His death – Christ shows us the way to the Father’s love
  • How by His death – Christ brings us to life everlasting

For Jesus, this day began in sorrow and torment – sweat and tears – betrayal and denial – torture and agony – pain and blood.
Through His cross of execution:
  • Only the Son of God could turn defeat into triumph
  • Only the Son of God could turn betrayal into everlasting faith
  • Only the Son of God could bring Glory out of cruelty
  • Only the Son of God could bring Life everlasting from ruin and death

Jesus ends this day in glory – the Lamb of God who came into the world – who’s death on the cross points to the Resurrection; - fulfilling God’s promise of salvation for His people.

As we approach the cross - bearing our burdens of sin and sorrow – our own denials and betrayals – placing them at the feet of Jesus – to be born up by Him – in expiation of our sins.
  • Let us dance away in joy –
  • Let our hearts be filled with gladness –
  • Let our faces reflect God’s glory

Showing the whole world that we are loved - loved so well – loved so completely – that our Lord and Creator – for love of us – who became one of us – has sacrificed himself – so we may have life – life abundantly – life joyfully – life forever and ever ~Amen.

Deacon Don Ron

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