Saturday, April 4, 2015

"Behold the Cross" Good Friday 2015

Behold the cross
Behold this instrument of cruelty
Behold this sign of defeat 
This surety of destruction and death

The agents of the evil-one found delight in the cross for its ability to instilled fear in others
They loved the cross as it crushed hope and decimated peace
On their cross mercy and forgiveness ceased to exist
They cherished the cross for its enslavement of the powerless
By the cross they ruled through intimidation of the weak and vulnerable

The worldly found their strength and courage in the cross
This tool of terror allowed them to seize authority over the defenseless 
By this dreadful sign they destroyed hope, abolished joy and vanquished love

By this icon of evil they instilled fear and dread among the people
Behold this embodiment of wickedness – this instrument of destruction and death

Behold the wood of the cross – on which they hung the Savior of the world

In the crucifixion of Our Lord, Jesus, the world’s symbol of hate and defeat becomes the Logos of forgiveness and strength.
For those who used the cross to instill fear and terror – we see the cross transformed into a sign of compassion and mercy
They who spread dread and horror by the cross – As they lifted Christ up to defeat Him, Glorified Him; making Him forever our sign of hope and love

For the weak and powerless, 
For the oppressed and defeated, 
For the lost and despairing – 
The cross has become a symbol of strength and courage, our sign of hope for the world and life eternal in the glory of God.  
In Christ on the cross we are held in the embrace of God’s promise for all who believe.  
On His cross, Jesus conquered death to sin; giving us life eternal.

Christians venerate the cross of Christ as a sign of our Lord’s triumph of good over evil, 
Of life over death, 
Of love over hate, 
Of compassion over hardheartedness, 
Of mercy over cruelty, 
Of forgiveness over condemnation.

In the shadow of His cross:
Sinners may leave their sorrows
The lost will find direction
Those despairing are consoled

From the shadow of the Christ’s cross:
Hope springs forth
Joy abounds
Peace reigns
Mercy radiates
Forgiveness reconciles

From this cross - once signifying destruction and death
Now abundant Love and eternal Life flows
Through our Lord, Jesus Christ - In the glory of God, the Father ~Amen

Deacon Don

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