Sunday, July 20, 2014

16th Sunday Ordinary Time - Matthew 13: 24-30 " Weeds among the Wheat"

Jesus continues the seed imagery in today’s Gospel.  Last week - seed was sown - some on fertile soil, - some on rocky soil, - some among thorns - and some on the path only to be trampled and eaten by birds – today – the evil-one sows the seeds of weeds among the good seeds of wheat – evil growing among the good.

The seeds sown by the evil one are a type called darnel - that looks like wheat in its early growth stages.  Only the learned eye can tell the difference between the good wheat and the deadly weed.  This is why the landowner does not want his servants to pull out the weeds until they mature – only then will they be able to see the evil among the good.

We, the children of God, are the soil on which the landowner (God) sows his good seed.  We are the fertile soil of God’s goodness, receiving:
- his grace, that feeds us, 
- his mercy, that waters us 
- his love, that nurtures us 
So that within each of us the good seed can grow strong - in faith and love.

In God’s good soil the evil-one plants his seeds of destruction.  The seeds of: 
Temptation – Lust – Greed – Gluttony – Sloth – Hatred – Envy - Pride – 
Seed which mature in Darkness and Desolation - separating us from the Love of God.

God’s good seeds:
Hope – Peace – Faithfulness – Charity – Compassion – Mercy - Love
Flower in Light and Life – giving off the sweet fragrance of God’s Love - The Love He has for us – the love we are called to have for all our brothers and sisters in Christ.

God allows us to nurture the seed within us – the good and the bad.  He does not interfere by ripping out the bad seed, but lets it grow among the good seed he has planted – giving us the gift of free-will, so we may decide which seed to allow to grow strong in our hearts and which seed to starve; to let wither and die.

Sometimes we cannot just starve the seed of the evil one: we must fight against its growth because its evil is so infectious that it destroys us even if we do not, ourselves participate in it.
“The greatest trick the evil-one ever played was to make people believe he does not exist!”
“The second greatest trick of the evil-one is to make us believe that the evil he sows is for our benefit.”
There is evil that is packaged as a good, evil wrapped in a blanket of acceptability or presented as a benefit - but in reality is deadly - cutting us off from the Love of God.

These evil seeds can lead us away from loving our brothers and sisters in Christ, - turning our back on God’s love for us.  When we ignore the evil or accept it as “necessary or the new way of the world” – we participate in that evil; allowing it to exist: allowing it to destroy us; cutting us off from God and His promise of Life Eternal.  
Among these evils are:
Indifference toward and disregard for all life at all stages
Exploitation and enslavement of God’s children
Cruelty, mistreatment and torture of God’s beloved 
Abuse of the weak and innocent by the strong and powerful
Misusing God’s gifts for selfish gain
A redefining of the natural laws, especially of life, marriage and family

These and other evils reduce our dignity as children of God and separate us from His Love.  They can never be justified. They are always wrong.  They are always evil. 

We are called by our Baptism (death to sin and rising to new life in Christ) to live a Life of Love – with mercy and peace for all our brothers and sisters. To love one another as we are loved, completely.
We cannot allow the seeds of evil to grow in our hearts; the seeds of the evil-one chokes off life; leading us to death and eternal damnation in the fires of Gehenna.  

Through our Lord, Jesus, we have the strength to follow the path of righteousness that leads to heaven.  He shows us the Way to Life Eternal - through the Love of God:
who hears the cries of the poor, 
who comforts the sorrowful, 
who fills the hungry with good things, 
who eases the burden of the oppressed 
And brings peace to all His people.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life – who leads us to life everlasting.  Through Him we will yield the good fruit of the good seed – life eternal – life everlasting - in the Peace of God’s Kingdom.  – 

~ Mother of Mercy – Pray for Us! ~ Amen

Deacon Don

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