Monday, November 25, 2013

Luke 23: 35-43 Christ the King - "Jesus, remember me. . ."

There are few proclaimed kings in the world today who can claim a royal lineage, though there are plenty of people who act as though they are royalty – ‘lording’ it over others while serving their needs before the people.

We also have the royalty ‘du jour’ - media celebrities; who claim our attention during their 15 minutes of fame, but none of them is royalty in any real sense.  None of them live as real royalty should live – as servants to the people; putting the needs of others before their own needs.  Caring for those in most need, ensuring: the hungry are fed, the naked are clothed, the sorrowful are comforted, the sick are healed,
the poor are heard, the sinful forgiven, and all - are loved.

These are the marks of true kingship. This is royalty at its best. This is the Kingship of Christ – who leads us - through service and sacrifice – who places us – God’s beloved - before all else – a king who loves us so much that he gave his life - to free us from our captivity to sin; bringing us into the light , peace and joy of life everlasting in His heavenly kingdom.

Christ is King: betrayed and denied; saving us from sin and destruction, healing our wounds, drawing us into his embrace.
Christ is a King: scorned and mocked; caring for the least and the forgotten, without counting cost
Christ is King: ridiculed and condemned; giving us life, leading us to God, the Father
Christ is King: who – even at the point of death - in his pain and suffering - reached out to a repentant sinner; healing – forgiving - delivering him up into everlasting life

Our salvation is beyond the human condition – our kings and leaders cannot save – they cannot free us from sin – they cannot bring us everlasting peace and joy – they cannot give us life eternal. They cannot love us – with the love that feeds the true desire of our heart

We cannot cry out to them in our anguish and pain – “Remember me when you come into your kingdom” because their kingdom, - their power, - their glory - is not everlasting and their rule is subject to decay and death – they are just as we, human: weak – frail - limited - finite

We cannot call them ‘Abba’ - Father – or turn to them in our darkest moments – or share with them our burdens and sorrows – or cry out to them in our pain and suffering – or receive true forgiveness from them for our sins. 
Our real needs are beyond their abilities to bring true healing, - true peace, - true forgiveness and true love.

Only Jesus, the Christ is King!
  • A king unlike any king the world has ever seen 
  • A king who rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey
  • A king who called the lowly and powerless - friends and companions
  • A king who lived in poverty and homelessness; sharing our human condition
  • A king who healed the sick, cured the lame and gave sight to the blind
  • A king who brought the Good News to the poor

Jesus is the King who resisted temptation, rejecting all the riches and power of this world
  • The king who was jeered by the people and denied by his friends
  • The king who suffered degradation, humiliation and violence
  • The king whose cross of shame – became his throne of victory; victory over death -- to reign triumphant – King forever and ever 

Jesus Christ is the King of whom we can ask – in our sin and sorrow, “Jesus, remember me!” Bring me into your kingdom.

Deacon Don Ron

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