Sunday, March 10, 2013

2nd Sunday in Lent "Transfiguration"

Lent, on the journey of discipleship, reminds us of the paradox of Christian life.  We anticipate the Lord’s Passion which leads to humility, suffering and death - which then leads us to His Resurrection - to light, glory and life everlasting. 

It is in this paradox that we, as disciples, discover our own journey to the foot of the cross and life everlasting.  As we live in this world - we are called to live not of this world.  We are called to live an extraordinary life.  - A life filled with love, compassion and hope.  - We are called to leave behind the trappings of this world, things that are fleeting, things that rust and disappear in the memory of time, - fame – fortune – worldly (accomplishments, honors) trappings. 

We are called to a life dedicated to the two greatest commandments: - Love of God and - Love of our brothers and sisters: a life praising God and loving as he loves. 

In his great love - we see our call to love.  We are called to care for one another as we would want to be cared for – with the same considerations, compassions and cares – the love of God, the love we need and the love we deserve - as his children.

Lent calls us back into a right relationship with God and with one another.  It is a time for us to pray, to renew our spiritual selves and repair our relationships with all our brothers and sisters in the world.  Lent is a time to reflect on how well we live our discipleship. 

  • Are we living lives of love for God and our brothers and sisters? 
  • Is the path of our journey leading us to God and his Heavenly Kingdom?
  • Do we journey with Christ, carrying our cross with his same humility? 
  • Do we suffer the weight of the cross with his love and compassion? 
  • Do we die on the cross to the sins of this world - Leaving behind the hollow glories of this world; seeking only the Glories of God and his Kingdom?
  • Is our journey bringing us into the Light of God; leading us into Life Eternal?

The voice in the cloud speaks to Peter, James and John, saying, “This is my chosen Son, listen to him.”  They have witnessed Jesus’ transfigured – radiating with the light of God from within.  They have seen Jesus standing with Moses and Elijah, who represent the Law and the Prophets.  Jesus is the summation of God’s compassion for his people, his covenant of love - manifest in Christ.

The voice speaks to each of us too.  God tells us that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life – it is in him, with him and through him – in unity with the Holy Spirit – that our journey of discipleship leads to its happy conclusion – rest and peace in the glory and love of God and Life Eternal.
~ Amen

Deacon Don Ron

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